Theatre Square, Touchwood - A Solihull Gem!

Theatre Square (formerly Library Square) is outside of the Touchwood Shopping Centre and The Core Theatre & Library in Solihull (formerly Solihull Arts Complex and Central Library).

Where is Theatre Square?

Theatre Square is at Touchwood, Solihull, B91 3GZ


In brief

The public square outside of what was the Solihull Arts Complex & Central Library (now The Core Theatre and Library Solihull). Touchwood opened in 2001, so the square has been mainly used for the shopping centre. It was formerly called Library Square (until Solihull Central Library was renamed to The Core Library Solihull).

Theatre SquareTheatre Square, Touchwood, Solihull (December 2021). Photography by Elliott Brown


The Core Solihull

Solihull Central Library and Solihull Arts Complex opened at Homer Road in Solihull in 1976. The building was renamed to The Core in 2016. This now includes The Core Theatre Solihull and The Core Library Solihull.

Solihull Central LibrarySolihull Arts Complex and Solihull Central Library from Library Square (December 2011). Photography by Elliott Brown



The Touchwood shopping centre opened up in September 2001. It was later officially opened by The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh during the Golden Jubilee year in 2002. There is a stone marking this event from July 2002. The entrance from Library Square (Theatre Square from 2016 onwards) leads to the shops, bars, restaurants and upstairs is the Cineworld cinema. There is a window in the Cineworld foyer with a view of the square below.

TouchwoodTouchwood at Library Square (April 2009). Photography by Elliott Brown


Events over the years in the square

From fake beaches to santa's grotto. Library Square / Theatre Square has had it all. Even a Tipi Bar!


Summer 2014 was Costa del Solihull in what was then called Library Square. A fake beach with deck chairs and sand. Buckets and spades, plus an image of the sea. Of course you could go on a holiday to see the real thing, or go here instead.

Theatre SquareCosta del Solihull at Library Square, Touchwood, Solihull (August 2014). Photography by Elliott Brown


Another fake beach, this time during the summer of 2019. It was called Safari Beach Club this time around. More deckchairs, sand and buckets and spades like 5 years earlier.

Theatre SquareSafari Beach Club at Theatre Square, Touchwood, Solihull (August 2019). Photography by Elliott Brown


At Christmas 2018 was the Tipi Bar at Touchwood Street Eats. The tipi returned for the Christmas 2019 season a year later as well.

Theatre SquareTipi Bar at Theatre Square, Touchwood, Solihull (December 2018). Photography by Elliott Brown


At Christmas 2021 was Santa's Post Train, complete with full size models of penguins, gingerbread man and reindeer!

Theatre SquareSanta's Post Train at Theatre Square, Touchwood, Solihull (December 2021). Photography by Elliott Brown

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